About Us

Julia Chiabudini

Julia went on her first solo bike trip on the coast of the Baltic Sea in her home country Germany when she was twenty years old. Growing older she slowly extended the range of her travels overseas and finally fell in love with the Americas in her early thirties. Since then she's been lost, and at the same time at home, on a journey across the pan-American continent and its languages. When on the road, she most misses her friends, her wardrobe and her bicycle (unless that's how she's traveling right now). She loves words and sometimes misses them, too. Half of the photos and all of the writing on this website are hers. 

José Rodríguez

José is a native of Chile and started enjoying his country's breathtaking outdoors at a young age. Always keen to learn new things and explore alternative lifestyles, he took the leap from owning his own software company to traveling full time in his mid-thirties. Since then he's gone on several bike trips, some of them all by himself, and enjoys the challenges that come with this way of traveling. His love of yoga and Thai massage then help him to unwind after a long day on the bike. Being passionate about photography, video, design and programming, (almost) everything that makes this website look good is his merit.